HELP! My Nose is Crooked!

Stacie ContrerasTips & Tricks

Do you need to contour your nose all the time? What is the best method to do so?

Did you know it is actually normal to have a slightly asymmetrical face?

Are you like many others who are frustrated by their crooked nose?  Do you feel as if your life would be better if your nose would simply look straighter?  If so, then read on as that’s what this quick blog is all about.

Crooked Nose:

  • Apply a darker foundation or concealer in a straight line down the side of the nose that you want to hide. The “bump” side. Now apply a lighter shade down the other side in a straight line. IGNORE the bend or bump and keep the lines straight. BLEND BLEND BLEND
  • Have just a slight bump? Apply a darker foundation or concealer right on the bump and blend.  Need more still?  Apply a lighter shade on either side of the bump from the top of the nose down to the nostrils and blend.
  • Where do you part your hair? If your nose is crooked and bends to the right side of your face, try parting your hair to the left side so that your hair falls to the left.
  • Avoid super dark or bold lipstick as this can actually draw attention to the middle of your face and thus your nose area.

IMPORTANT BLENDING TIP!  Do not blend dark contour line down towards the face, but rather press into the nose and slightly up to narrow the nose.  Blending down towards the face creates darkness and when contouring we want to lighten this area and darken above.  Watch this great video explaining this concept.