Contour, Highlight & Blush… Say What?

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Highlight Blush Contour

SIMPLE 3 in 1 Steps to Contour & Highlight

Have you ever wanted to highlight but worried about having that glow in the dark shine? Or maybe you have dreamed of a little contour for your cheeks but have no clue on where it goes or what to use. Well this is the SIMPLE, yet effective beginners step into that world. The following steps will allow you to apply your blush, contour and highlighter all at once. Making it fast and easy. Ready to know how?
Please note this was accomplished using liquid products by SeneGence.

What you will need: 



Blending Brush and your fingers or the handle of your brush to blend and apply the color itself.



Start with your product for contouring. If using shadowsense simply use the wand tip to draw a small line starting at the back of your face near your ear and down in a diagonal direction.  About 1.5 ” in length.  If using concealer or blushsense simply use the product on the tube nose to wipe a line down in the same direction.  * Please note that the location you 1st place the product will be the darkest, thus the reason you start at the back and move forward rather than the front of your cheek and back.  WHERE do you apply this line? Suck in your cheeks and apply in the groove at the base of the cheekbone.


Next grab your blush product.  Draw another line just above the contour line starting again next to the hairline. This color should touch or nearly touch your contour color.


Now grab your highlight product and this time start at the front just above the blush line BUT below the eye socket area. DO NOT take highlighter into under eye area. Start the highlighter about 1/2 ” in front of the contour and blush line and up to the hairline. It is okay to have more color in front for the highlighter. You can apply the pearlizer with your finger or even the handle of the brush.

Grab your brush and starting at the hairline, press the 3 lines into your cheek in a tapping almost stippling motion. Move towards the front of your face in the downward angle. Be cautious as you do not want to bring color all the way to the apples of your cheeks. That is way to far and only a good look on a cupie doll.

Once tapped in you can now gently blend in a diagonal and upward circular motion towards the ear. The blending should have blended the colors together yet still allowed for a definate contour and highlighted area.

BOOM… you are done and it was simple and fast!

I will post further pictures soon!