Maskne – What can I do?

Stacie ContrerasSkin Care


Masks are the “New Norm”, but Maskne doesn’t have to be!

There are so many aspects to this on going problem for so many people. From the materials used for your mask to the way it fits your face.  They create an environment much like a petry dish.  Warm, humid and ripe for bacteria to grow.

In the beginning, masks were hard to come by, but that is no longer the case.  We have many choices now,  so lets  look at some options and how you can help alleviate some of the underlying issues.  Poorly fitting masks can create more issues at the point of contact, causing friction. Mixed with the humidity that develops within the ill fitting mask creates an environment that breaks down the epidermis and clogs the pores.  Add to the fact that many people wear the same mask day after day, or set their mask down on everything and everywhere,  you are creating an environment for blemishes to form. Think about where carry your mask.  Is it your pocket? Stuffed in your purse amongst loose change, makeup powder and dirty receipts?  And you wonder why its not clean.

Let’s dig deeper though. Many people are not using moisturizers nor sunscreen, so the skin is not being protected as much. The epidermis is being irritated by the mask rubbing on it, lack of protection, humidity, poorly fitting masks… and you have MASKNE! So, what can you do?

Tips to help prevent maskne issues:

  1. Use a mild moisturizer at ALL times. It would be best to use one without a lot of chemicals or fragrances.  Yes I realize your first instink might be to dry out your skin,  but that will only add to the problem. You must moisturize properly and protect your already irritated skin.
  2. Be consistent to wash your face both morning and night. MOISTURIZE as well.
  3. Try a more breathable mask. Cotton and silk are much better, BUT they do not allow as much protection, so you must weigh the pros and cons and decide what is best for your health and safety. Allow air in more often so its not such a sealed humid petry dish.
  4. WASH your mask daily with a gentle, fragrance free detergent and be careful in public. Don’t just toss your mask in your purse or lay on a table unless you will be using a new one after setting it down. Why? Think of all the germs it picks up.  Germs that you are now adding into your humid enclosure around your mouth and face. YUCK!
  5. Disposable masks are also a great option as long as you throw them away and do not re-use them.
  6. Try using a thin layer of CC Cream or BB Cream to help protect your skin from the extra wear and friction of your mask. Be careful your product of choice is not heavy or greasy, preferably non-comedogenic, or you will only be adding to the problem.
  7. Treat yourself to a weekly mask to help remove impurities and cleanse and protect your skin.  Want an even better treat?  Try the Gold mask by SeneGence.