DIY Masks

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DIY Masks

With all the craziness of Covid-19 people are scrambling to find masks. Since so many places are sold out, this has left people in a MAD scramble to locate anything they can. This is not only effecting the average Joe, but our Nurses, Doctors, Essential Workers, Police & Sherriff Departments and so many more. This lack of supplies has sent so many even in the medical field scrambling to find masks of any sort. While people where standing in lines miles long for HARD to FIND toilet paper, I was at home making masks. I was buying elastic, and fabric and locating liner to try and help those who needed it the most.

Due to the lack of available supplies to order, I was forced to dig through my sewing bins from past dance costume days, searching for anything that might work.  Elastic, cute prints from baby gifts and a bin of ribbon were all discovered and so my mask sewing began.

Giving Back

As a “Small Business Owner” having time at home to work on my FaceBook posts, update my Blog and clean up my Website were all things I was excited to do; however as I began reading stories about nurses who had no masks, my heart hurt.  Seeing seniors standing in lines for food with nothing to protect them or others around them brought tears to my eyes.  Hearing our Vet at Castaic Animal Center mention that they did not have masks for the clinic blew my mind.  So I sat down and cranked out the first 70 or so masks.  I donated 50+ to our animal shelter and the rest to individuals in need.  I revamped my original pattern, and made some more.  Soon after I started getting messages.

People asking if I could make them a few masks. They were told by a friend who was a nurse I gave her a mask and could they get one or two from me.  Soon one or two turned to five or six, or ten?  Then turned to places like our local Starbucks scrambling since overnight they were required to have masks. I had so many orders coming in I was literally sewing day and night. Often dragging myself to bed at close to 2 or 3 A.M.  My adult children and husband asked me what I was charging since I was spending so much time devoted to only mask making.  They argued with me at first since my response was always the same. “Nothing!”

That’s right.  I was, and still am donating my masks to nearly 99% of the people who requested.  Giving them to frontline workers, nurses, those in the medical field, vets, vet techs, groomers, seniors, high risk people and those who simply could not afford to pay.  I asked others who wanted them to shop but didn’t fall into one of the above categories to simply donate $1 a mask. Sometimes people had 6 high risk requests and 2 regular mask requests. I would laugh when they seemed shocked my answer to “How much?” was simply $2 donation please.

Why donate?

Why?  Because I feel that God called me to help others and I don’t think anybody should be trying to make a profit off of a needed item that can help keep others safe.  This is not a time for us to be capitalizing on the situation.  This is a time for people to step up and help one another. To be a blessing in a time of need.  Can I use the money?  Absolutely.  I have most of my money locked up in Vendor Events that have been pushed back indefinately, but I have made a decision to help others.  So my ask for anybody receiving one of my free masks is simply that when they are in need of replacing their skincare or makeup, that they look at my business first. That is it!

I have been asked to make videos of my mask technique.  To post instructions on how I make mine and although I have wanted to; I truly have meant to; I have had no time.  Seriously, NO TIME!  Order after order after order has come in.  People in need daily, including alast minute rushed order for our local Sheriff’s Department.   I feel blessed to be able to make and donate masks for our community.

Patterns and Filters

There are numerous patterns online and techniques as well, but for now I simply have no time to do a tutorial. Besides, I had to stop mask making as it killed my Janome machine. Yes I am being serious. My machine that I have loved for years and pushed to its limits time and time again finally died. Making masks.

Side note:  For filters, I prefer cutting Zep Industrial Towels  to fit my masks as they seem to breath well.  Please do your own research though and find what is right for you and your family.