CC Cream and its Benefits

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Cc Cream

CC Cream otherwise known as Color Correcting Moisturizer, is lighter than regular foundation and helps to even out your complexion.

Makeup Basics

Makeup Basics

It is a great option for women of all ages and all skin tyes.  Helps to moisturize and protect your skin and provide coverage and corrects issues like redness.  Lighter than foundation it’s less likely to clog pores, although not all cc creams are the made the same. Perfect for getting a “Makeup-No Makeup look,” correct uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation and even help hide blemishes.

SeneGence has an amazing collection of color choices for CC Cream that is buildable, light, protects your skin against sun damage and is anti-ageing.  It is my own daily go to, evening out my redness as it has a built in green concealer.  Light and non-comedogenic it provides coverage that is breathable and water resistant. I love wearing it at the beach and even when surfing as it help protect my skin from the suns damaging rays and allows me a natural look, but still gives me the desired coverage I need at 50 years young.   As an MUA, I consider cc cream to be a must have in my makeup kit as it has so many uses.

Many people have started turning to it more often now with daily mask wear since unlike most full coverage foundations, it is lighter and breathes more.  SeneGence CC Cream delivers moisturizing coverage and anti-ageing benefits plus the beefit of  evening out uneven skin issues and redness.

Although full coverage foundations by SeneGence are also buildable and light feeling on the skin,  cc cream has become a customer favorite.  According to ELLE, almost non-existent makeup is the proferred look these days, thus making cc and bb creams a MUST have in anybody’s makeup routine.

Looking for that fresh skin look?

It starts with good skincare.  After all you can’t build a house on a weak or sandy foundation can you?  Healthy, natural looking makeup must also start with a solid foundation and that is good skincare.  Want to know more benefits and details about SeneGence cc cream?  Click the following link and see for yourself what sets Senegence apart.   MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer  Its lightweight formula is a best-seller for a reason!

Why You Need It:

  • Light-to-medium coverage and color correction in one easy step
  • Offers skin protection benefits that last throughout pretty much all of what life throws at you on a daily basis
  • Can be worn over moisturizer, under foundation or even mixed with foundation