Contour, Highlight & Blush… Say What?

SIMPLE 3 in 1 Steps to Contour & Highlight Have you ever wanted to highlight but worried about having that glow in the dark shine? Or maybe you have dreamed of a little contour for your cheeks but have no clue on where it goes or what to use. Well this is the SIMPLE, yet effective beginners step into that … Read More

HELP! My Nose is Crooked!

Did you know it is actually normal to have a slightly asymmetrical face? Are you like many others who are frustrated by their crooked nose?  Do you feel as if your life would be better if your nose would simply look straighter?  If so, then read on as that’s what this quick blog is all about. Crooked Nose: Apply a … Read More

Say “NO” to Chapstick!

Chapstick Did you know that most products on the market are either a wax , petrolium or vaseline base for your lips? Anotherwards you are waxing your lips just as you would your car?  Yuck!  Ever notice how when you apply that chapstick it feels good, nice and slick, moist,  refreshing right?  yet shortly after your lips actually feel worse?  … Read More

Grapes, Raisins & Cornflakes

What do Grapes, Raisins & Cornflakes have to do with Your Skin? When we are born our skin is similar to plump, juicy grapes.  Our cells are filled with moisture, collagen & hyaluronic acid and we have “no” wrinkles, much like the skin of a GRAPE.   As we age, our skin is exposed to many things in the environment that cause … Read More

Exfoliation – Chemical or Mechanical

How do I exfoliate my skin? We know that good skin care is important to maintaining our youthful appearance.  Part of that maintenance involves exfoliation of the top layers of dead skin cells through two different processes.  Both work well when done properly but can cause further damage if done to often or to vigorously.   But done correctly you can … Read More

Are Nuts Good for Your Skin?

YES! Nuts have been found to be beneficial in helping with numeorus skin issues as well as helping to maintain a more youthful appearance.  After all, who doesn’t want to look younger, right?  So if you prefer natural remedies, grab a handful of the below listed nuts and you are well on your way to maintaining better skin. I have … Read More

Dirty Brushes? Are they safe?

Are Your Dirty Makeup Brushes Safe to Use? Did you know that using dirty makeup brushes can cause all sorts of issues?  I think that keeping them clean is just as important as washing your hair, if not more so.  And coming from me, the clean hair freak says a lot. How many of you love Dry Shampoo?  How many of … Read More

No More Dirty Brushes

How to clean your makeup brushes: DIY & More So you have decided you need to clean your brushes! Now you need to determine 3 things: How to clean them When to clean them How to dry them Depending on the products being used will help you to determine this, but according to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, concealer brushes should … Read More