Grapes, Raisins & Cornflakes & Your Skin

What does your skin have to do with rains,grapes and cornflakes? Learn the importance of exfoliating.

What do Grapes, Raisins & Cornflakes have to do with Your Skin? When we are born our skin is similar to plump, juicy grapes.  Our cells are filled with moisture, collagen & hyaluronic acid and we have “no” wrinkles, much like the skin of a GRAPE.   As we age, our skin is exposed to many things in the environment that cause … Read More

Exfoliation – Chemical or Mechanical

Exfoliate your face with either or resurfacer or our exfoliator. Both contain volcanic ash and will work to remove those top dead skin layers.

How do I exfoliate my skin? We know that good skin care is important to maintaining our youthful appearance.  Part of that maintenance involves the exfoliation of your top layers of dead skin cells through two different processes: Chemical or mechanical exfoliation.  Which is best? Both chemical and mechanical work well when done properly.  Both can cause further damage if … Read More

Are Nuts Good for Your Skin?

Are certain nuts actually good for your skin?

Nuts are DEFINATELY good for your skin!  They have been found to be beneficial in helping with numeorus skin issues, as well as helping to maintain a more youthful appearance.  After all, who doesn’t want to look younger, right?  So if you prefer natural remedies, grab a handful of the below listed nuts and you are well on your way … Read More

Are Your Dirty Makeup Brushes Safe to Use?

Dirty brushes can lead to problems and even bacteria

Are Your Dirty Makeup Brushes Safe to Use? Clean brushes are key to good makeup application as well as your health.  Dirty brushes can harbor bacteria and cause skin irritations.  Do you suffur from acne breakouts?  Did you know that using dirty makeup brushes can cause all sorts of issues, including acne problems?  Look at your brushes.  Are your brushes … Read More

No More Dirty Brushes

Nobody has time to clean their brushes for hours

How to clean your makeup brushes: DIY & More So you have decided you need to clean your brushes! Clean brushes are important to your makeup application as well as your health.  Dirty brushes can create all sorts of issues so let’s get to it! Now you need to determine 3 things: How to clean them When to clean and … Read More