Contour, Highlight & Blush… Say What?

Highlight Blush Contour

SIMPLE 3 in 1 Steps to Contour & Highlight Have you ever wanted to highlight but worried about having that glow in the dark shine? Or maybe you have dreamed of a little contour for your cheeks but have no clue on where it goes or what to use. Well this is the SIMPLE, yet effective beginners step into that … Read More

HELP! My Nose is Crooked!

Do you need to contour your nose all the time? What is the best method to do so?

Did you know it is actually normal to have a slightly asymmetrical face? Are you like many others who are frustrated by their crooked nose?  Do you feel as if your life would be better if your nose would simply look straighter?  If so, then read on as that’s what this quick blog is all about. Crooked Nose: Apply a … Read More