Frequently Asked Questions?

How long does a tube of LipSense last? 

  • When 1 color is worn daily it will typically last from 4-6 months, depending on your lip volume and if you apply 3 thin layers or if you slap it on thick.   If you have very full lips with a lot of  what I refer to as “real estate” , meaning you were blessed with juicy lips, thne you can expect to go through the tube more like 3.  Most people end up with more than one color though, which   extends the life of each tube.  Unlike conventional waxy lipstick, SeneGence will not expire within 6 months and I have actually had clients who have had some colors for over 5 year
  •  Tip: Apply layers in a thin even motion for best results.
  •  Fun Fact: Although LipSense may not expire within the 6 month time frame like most lipsticks, after several years the pigments may change and the staying power may change slightly.       Always be sure to shake you product well before applying as this will help you apply it correctly and keep the proper formulation present in the tube.

Does the product have any lead in it?

  • No it does not nor has it ever had lead in it.

Does your LipSense color or gloss have wheat or gluten in them?

  • No they do not have wheat or gluten in them, but the gloss does contain Shea Butter (nut), so if you  have allergies or are sensitive to tree-nuts I woul dsuggest consulting your physican first.

Where can I find ingredients on the products?

  • All products we sell have an ingredients list to view.  Click here for an example of the ingredients in our Climate Control.  Towards the lower half if the page you will see 5 tabs.  Ingredients for every product is the middle one.

Do I really need the Ooops Remover?  Won’t something else work?

  • Granted there are a few products that have been found to help remove our LipSense color, but it is usually due to the acidity of them, which can result in drying of your lips.  Our goal is to have you wear amazing longlasting color and have well hydrated and moisturized lips.  Also, what happens if you make a mistake upon applying?  Our Ooops remover is like the magic eraser I always say.  Simply rub back and forth with slith pressure on the mistake and BOOM!  It’s gone.  you can’t do that with anything else.  Ooops also contains moisturizers so you are not only removing your color, but conditioning your lips as well.  Ingrediets and detail on Ooops  

I have always heard there is no wax in LipSense but I saw that there is wax in the gloss?

  • Yes, LipSense is WAX FREE as stated, and the wax you are seeing in the gloss is synthetic beeswax, not derived from animals and used to seal in the Vitamin E and Shea Butter.   Ingredients

Synthetic Beeswax?  Whats the difference?  

  • According to Environmental Working Group (EWG),“synthetic beeswax is a wax synthetically derived to be generally indistinguishable from natural beeswax with regard to composition and properties.”  It is made by the mixing of fatty acid esters, fatty acids, and alcohols together tocreate a consistency similar to natural beeswax.
  • OK, now what does that mean to you?   Most cruelty free companies  use synthetic beeswax that is free of animal products,  but there are some who claim to be vegan yet they use beeswax that may contain lanolin as one of the fatty acids.  Lanolin is derived from the wool of sheep, thus their formula is not free of all animal products or bi-products.  SeneGence Sysnthetic Beeswax is truly animal free.  No lanolin and no animal products or bi-products are used ever in its formulation.