Help - Common Questions Answered

How to Find Your Undertone

Your either cool, warm or neutral. Take a closer look at the veins onthe underside of your wrist.

Identify your undertone

01. Are they blue or purple? If so,  you are cool and will look good in shades with pink or red undertones.  Ivory, Almond or  Cafe Au Lait foundation colors are good for you.

02. Or do they look more green or olive? If yes, you are warm and will look great in shades with a yellow undertone such as Porcelain, Creme Beige, Beige Chiffon, Tan, Suede and Fawn.

03. Can't tell what color? Then you are most likely neutral and dewy would be a great choice for you.

04. TIP n TRICK: Look at your jewelry. Does gold compliment your skin tone best? If so then you are warm. If silver looks better then you are most likely cool and if both look great then you are neutral.

What Foundation is My Color?

If you are testing our products in person then follow the following guidelines.

It's simple!

01. Place a small amount of foundation from your jaw area down to your neck.

02. Using the back of a brush handle, lightly rub the color to see if it blends in well. Do NOT blend to much as a color is truly your correct match if it blends in within a few rubs. If it takes several then it is most likely not your color.

03.  Remember color should match both neck and face. 


What is Your Skin Type?

  • Are you oily, normal or dry?
  • Do you suffur from acne?
  • Does your skin look like leather? Weathered & wrinkled?



What best describes you?

01. Describe the level of oil on your skin?

  1. No oiliness
  2. No oil in "T-zone", but light oil in other areas
  3. Oily mostly in "T-zone"
  4. Oily all over

02. How does your skin feel?

  1. Tight & itchy
  2. Healthy mostly, but occasionally tight & flaky
  3. Healthy mostly, but occasionally oily
  4. Overly oily

03. What is the overall appearance of your skin?

  1. Tight, noticeable fine lines, red or rough patches & visible flaking
  2. Healthy appearance, clear with even texture, some tightness or flaking
  3. Healthy appearance, occasional breakouts, may appear shiny
  4. Shiny with noticeable breakouts & blackouts

04. What is your pore size?

  1. Small
  2. Small to medium
  3. Medium to large
  4. Large
According to your answers above, your skincare system should be: 

Look at what number you had the most answers in. 1, 2, 3 or 4?

My lips are dry & chapped

  1. I use chapstick all the time.
  2. I love my lipstick, but it doesn't last.
  3. I have used long wear colors, but they dry out my lips.

What should i do?

01. Look at the ingredients in your chapstick or lip gloss. Most products on the market contain wax, petrolium or vaseline, which will actually dry out your lips. Read more in my blog.

02. Waxy lipsticks may look and feel great. They may even feel moisturizing, but in reality they are drying out your lips and simply not made to last. How often have you applied your perfect color only to find it has worn off and is now on your teeth, or worse yet has bled into the wrinkles around your mouth? Our premier product, LipSense will not do any of that. It is made to last. Kiss Proof, Smudge Proof & all around Budge Proof!

03. Don't be fooled by other long wear colors as we are the "Original" and our patented formula is made to hydrate your lips, not dry them out.  Most other products are wax based and will dry your lips out. Our moisturizing glosses, which are part of the patented formula for LipSense will deliver both Shea Butter and Vitamin E while bonding the color to your lip. 

  • LipSense must be used with our Glosses in order to work
  • It is best removed using our moisturizing remover "Ooops"
  • It lasts between 3-6 months on average, if used daily. 
  • Speed up the healing of chapped lips with the help of a lip scrub. Either make one at home, or grab our tasty scrub here.

Need Help Choosing a Lip Color?


LipSense comes in numerous shades and finishes. Our moisturizing glosses can be found in several finishes as well, from a gorgeous matte to a satin finish with actual crushed diamonds in it.  If you would like help deciding on the perfect color and finish for you, please contact me directly. I would be happy to assist.