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You can join for the discount or to work a new business. No matter your reason, SeneGence offers superior products and an opportunity for both men and women to be independent and successful in business, regardless of age, background or education.  It is the perfect Stay-at-Home Business, as well as an enhancement to Small Boutiques, Salons and even Spas.  I have had salon owners tell me that their LipSense sales has helped carry their business when times were lean.

Kits & Packages

Although you are not required to purchase any kit to get started, we do offer several Sign UP options at a significantly reduced rate.  Purchasing a kit can get you started with a ton of FREE product, but is not required. Please feel free to ask should you have any questions.

Join SeneGence and save money

Join for a Discount

Do you love our products and want to save money? Perfect. I myself joined for the discount along with many other women in the company.  Who doesn't like to be able to purchase makeup at a discount after all?


You can join for the discount and purchase your favorite products at a 20-50% savings.

  • No monthly minimums!
  • Stay active by placing a 100 PV order every 6 months
  • Only $55 to join, much like joining Costco or Sams Club
  • Save 20-50% off all products

You will also be eligible to join our Facebook Groups for trainings about products and application as well as download the training SeneDots App.

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Support & Training

We offer many tools for you to be able to train.

  • Download App (Android - SeneDots) Download App (Apple - SeneDots) for easy to follow step-by-step plan on how to start your career.
  • FREE Weekly online training
  • Access to Facebook Training Groups
  • Both Team & Corporate trainings monthly for a hands on experience
  • Joining my Team means you get easier access to hands on training with our companies Elite MUA group which I am a founding member of.

My goal is to help you succeed. 

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