About Me


Let me start by telling you a little about myself and why I do what I do.  I am turning 50 this year,  but my story starts back when I was in my early 40’s.  After years of sun worshipping and lack of skincare, I damaged my skin to the point that it was dry and flakey.  I had patches that actually bled when bumped.  You know thos dried apple heads?  Well thats what my skin felt like.  Dry and much like leather.  I never wore makeup as it just caused more dryness, nor did I really know or care about its application.

Fast forward to 2015 when I was introduced to SeneGence and all of its products.  I was amazed at how soft my skin felt, how moisturized it looked and best of all, people were asking me constantly what I was doing to my skin.

At the time I was working from home full time with 3 young children and a very busy life.  I had no intention of joining the company to make money, I simply wanted the incredible discount.  And yet, I ended up falling in love with the products, the company and the women involved.  Not to mention a community of empowering women who helped me realize just how amazing the opportunities SenGence had to offer.  From this Lip Candie was created & I began selling what I refer to as Magic Lipstick.

I have been given numerous amazing opportunities since joining that have helped shape my future.  I have become an Elite MUA with SeneGence, done company photoshoots for years and even had my work playing on the jumbo tron in Time Square.  Pretty exciting for a small town Fresno girl who never really wore any makeup growing up.

Fast forward to life as I know it now.

I retired from my 25 year career managing a dental practice and have been able to enjoy life with my family, travel with my husband, and donate more time helping animals in need at local shelters.  Volunteering at our local animal shelter has opened my eyes to so many abandoned furbabies left to die.  Seeing the pain in that furbabies eyes as I hear the owners story “Too old” or “we are moving and can’t take our dog we have had for 12 years” breaks my heart.  Animals enter the shelter with a set number of days to be adopted out or rescued.   Once that time is up they are either saved or euthanized. It is very common for us to be searching for help, but with so many dogs in need, rescues are often full and have no room.  Thats when your purchases help out.

How do your purchase help?

When an animal is labeled Rescue Only we can sometimes encouarge rescues to look at a dog if we have money pledged to help them care for the dog in need.  The last two times I have been able to donate between $100-$200 to help save a dog.  Want to see a feel good story?  See #Hera in my FaceBook Group  

SeneGence opened the doors of opportunity for me, allowing me time to do things I love and am passionate about.

My Passions

Giving back to the community, helping the homeless and fulfilling my passion to help abandoned pets, abused  animals (such as my latest rescue “Senee Blue” ) & Pitties    like our girl Zara and our past boy Scooby Doo whom we lost suddenly January 28 of 2020.   Recently I started Makeup4Mutts , which is the charity division of  my SeneGence business.   With YOUR help, I use a portion of sales to help save an animals who are in danger of being euthanized.  Many times I have specific products posted where 100% of proceeds goes towards the rescue of an animal in need.

I post stories about the animal, its #freedomwalk and updates from the owners as I get them.  I think it is important that people are able to follow the story of an animal Lip Candie helped save because of their purchases.  Want to learn more?  Visit my page on FaceBook or join the group Makeup4Mutts .

Enjoy learning skincare or makeup tips and tricks?  Wondering what you can do to fight that dreaded maskne?

Read my blog to start with as it might give you some insight, and come visit my VIP Group Lattes, Lips & Beauty Tips on FaceBook.  Enjoy being in a small community full of positivity, fun ideas and specialty sales created for my VIP group only. Oh and did I mention chances to win free goodies?