What do they look like?  How do they work?  Our shadows are creme based and once dry, smudge proof and will last all day.  Anti-aging and water resistant they will even help your favorite shadows at home last longer many times.  Simply apply our ShadowSense as your base and then layer one of your favorite color palettes one top.

Do you love Anastasia Beverly Hills or maybe Too Faced  “Chocolate Bar”  or even the Viseart Editorial Brights palette which brings the true bold rainbow looks to life?



If you have them already great.  Start with a healthy product to protect your delicate eye area and use your favorites on top.  BUT, if you have palettes on your wish list why not try some of our amazing colors and see just what all the hype is about.  See for yourself why people love them and experience the long lasting results of our ShadowSense collection while protecting your skin.



Compare your favorites with ours!

Want to see YouTuber Victoria Jameson Krath’s 1st impression of our Rainbow Collection?

Do you need to see some ideas on what colors look good together? Click HERE to preview some looks.

How do I use LipSense?

LipSense is not your typical lipstick and although simple to use, does need to be applied correctly to get the full benefits.  Not only does it last up to 18 hours, but you can custom create your own unique color by layering different colors together.  3 of our colors can create up to 27 lip looks.  Say what?  

Click HERE to learn more and see a video on how to apply.

Click HERE to see detailed instructions on application.

How will that lip color look on me?

Want to see some of our popular LipSense colors and how they look on different people? Click HERE and take a look.