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Lip Candie
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 9 reviews
 by Carrie Anderson
What can I say about Lip Candie?

What can I say about Lip Candie, well first of all, the business name suits the products perfectly because us ladies love our candy and when we get a package in the mail and we see it’s from Lip Candie we rip into that box like it’s a box of Chocolates!
I first met Stacie at an event in Pismo Beach and I had never heard of LipSense so I wanted to try it, However because of certain health conditions and sensitive skin I did’nt wanna just dive right in and hope for the best. I wanted to discuss the product ingredients, their return policy and Satisfaction guarantees etc.. but because Stacie is so eager to help each n’ every customer she spends quality time talking to every client (and potential client) and there was literally a LINE OF WOMEN waiting their turn to speak with Stacie, so her Husband whom was there to help at her event booth (and I must say, her husband is so helpful and he talked with me and my husband about the products his wife sells, he showed us which products sold most often and he even told us what products are his wife’s favorite. He was a joy to speak with!) and then Stacie was ready to help me with my questions and concerns, which led to my purchasing a couple of lip colors and a gloss 💋)
I am so happy I kept her business card (because to be honest I had picked up quite a few business cards from various vendors at that event and as soon as we got back to our hotel room they ended up in a pile on the dresser and eventually made their way into the trash as we cleaned up before checking outta the hotel that next morning🤷🏻‍♀️) but not Stacie’s card.. I put her card in my wallet and I ended up ordering from her.. more LipSense, Lip volumizer, some ShadowSense, Nail Extend, and more! I don’t order too often and when I do, I don’t spend alot of money but that doesn’t matter to Stacie because she appreciates EVERY CUSTOMER, Equally!
With every order I find a Thank You note where she talks about how thankful she is for my order; and she shares with me her reason for working so hard to sell all she can, and let me tell ya ~ most, IF NOT ALL of the money Stacie makes goes straight into the community. She’s always helping with charity, picking up a Starbucks drink and sandwich for a random homeless person who is just down on their luck, adopting dogs from the shelter.. Just about every kind deed you can think about- Stacie does!
I love Lip Candie and I recommend if you order from anyone, You order from her❤️

 by Laurel Diederich

Stacie had colors I had never seen before, very nice!!!

 by Patricia G
Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service, Environment, Quality and Wait Time were all excellent.  In fact, I bought more product!

 by Byron
Sun block protection

I have used her sunblock protection for the second time. I was at the beach for 4 days and was out in the sun and in the ocean for hours. I used her natural sunblock and I didn’t get burned. I did get tan but not burned. It feels good, not oily, and I will be always using this when I need to protect my skin on my arms, back, chest and even my face. Use it!

 by Carrie
Lip Candie is the BEST and the products are the BEST!

I met Lip Candie (Stacie) at an event in Pismo Beach, California last year. I seen the Lipsense products and I was amazed at how well they stay put and when my husband seen them he told me to buy some immediately because hes tired of all the Ulta lipsticks I buy for this price AND HIGHER that rub off on him when I kiss him, drink after him, eat from him food etc.. Thats totally understandable. Who wants to run around with their wife’s lipstick all over their face, suit collar, and drink and eat their wife’s lipstick when sharing a meal.. I don’t blame him! So I was about to buy one and he told me to buy a few because the demonstration Lip Candie gave us was outstanding and this looks like a product that we KNOW 100% is going to be AWESOME! So, I bought a few Lipsense and been wearing nothing but that ever since.. I later noticed that she sells MANY OTHER ITEMS, one was the Nail extend and let me tell ya, I have a horrible time growing mails so I thought id give it a try but for the price of $45!I was skeptical However Lip Candie told me that everything she sells comes with a guarantee so if it doesnt work like it should or if i’m simply just not happy with the product shell refund 100% of my money so heck why not give it a try! Id love to share my results with y’all so I will see if there is an option to attach photos and if not i’ll send them to Lip Candie and she can upload them to her website if she wants.. My nails have grown significantly since I started using the Nail extend. I will he purchasing more but now that the nails are grown out and MUCH STRONGER the bottle recommends that I use it less often to just keep them strong because if I were to just quit using it all together I believe my nails would get weak and brittle again, and I don’t want that but the $45 bottle will last a long time using it just a few times weekly and since you only apply it to the nail base (cuticle area) this 1 ounce bottle goes much further than you would expect. If you have short, weak nails I highly suggest the nail extend. If your looking for a lip color you can wear all day n’ night without worry it’ll smear or rub off onto your straws, food (that’s yucky when your eating a sandwich and your lipstick comes off onto your bread and you end up eating it! Ewww! Thats why I rarely ever attempted to get fixed up for date night with the hubby because I didn’t want to have a nice, bright lipcilor on and them halfway through our date have half colored lips just to notice my straw or glass brim and my FOOD was wearing atleast fifty percent of my lip color. Just not a good sight, and quite frankly a turn off for your date!) I know alot of people sell these same products However with Lip Candie you get personalized service, done professionally but friendly at the same time. She’s always willing and eager to come sit down with you and go over all available products and how they can will benefit you. I travel often and I see other ladies selling Lipsense and other products but I always wait to make my order through Lip Candie because i’m a loyal customer just as she’s a loyal saleswoman and always so helpful and so nice and helpful. If your looking to spoil yourself with some fine make up and other products hit up Lip Candie. You’ll be happy you did!

 by Susanne
Love Lip Sense

I was a Lip Sense customer before I met Stacie, but now I'm even more excited about Lip Sense! I had a rep in my area, but when she quit, I wasn't sure how to find the product except online. I don't always like to buy that way because you can't always get a real sense of how the product will look on your skin type. I met Stacie and she was so helpful and really understood my skin type and tone and offered me a lot of choices that worked well for me. She had way more options for me to try than I'd ever seen before. I was a fan before, but now I'm a super-fan!

 by Jess

Stacie is amazing! She's knowledgable about her products and can recommend just the right thing you need. I love my long lasting eye shadows. The colors are beautiful and they stay all day, even through my workouts. Thanks Stacie!

 by Sharon
Long Lasting Color

I have been using Senegence for at least 15 years. It last throughout my hectic day! My Senegence representative is amazing! She takes care of me, looking for my favorite colors! Stacey is awesome!

 by Micah
This product is awesome!

My mom loves that it stays on all day!