How to Apply LipSense

Stacie Contreras

Apply Lipsense

How to apply LipSense

1) Clean and dry lips. Can use a little witch hazel if you have applied makeup first to be certain they are free of anything.
2) Shake LipSense bottle well. NEVER bang it, but shake well to prevent the tube from breaking or developing a weak area at the necl of the bottle.
3) Apply product in a thin & even layer going in ONE direction. Do NOT swipe back & forth as this will wipe it on and back off since it is a liquid. Think of water coloring.
4) Start n top lip, then move to the bottom lip. repeat this with a total of THREE layers.
5) Seal with the LipSense gloss of your choice.
6) IF you make a mistake, fear not. Simply use the Ooops Remover to clean your lip line to a perfect POUT!
*Remember, our Gloss and LipSense Colors work as a TEAM! One does not work without the other!*