Hi there! I am Stacie, the Local Cracked Lip Healer & Skincare Dealer!

Are you suffering from Maskne? Acne from wearing your mask. Dry, irritated skin or lips? Are you tired of your lipstick smearing all over your mask or your makeup clogging your pores? Sick of paying for skincare that does nothing for you but drain your wallet?

Let me show you something different! I use SeneGence products that last all day, are non-comedogenic and are guaranteed! Anti-aging products that deliver results and are easy to use. Although LipSense is amazing, my passion is our skincare, which changed my skin and my life. Learn More

Due to the current times, I am offering my NEW DriveWay Demos, where you stay in the comfort of your own home and we have no direct contact. I will bring samples for you to try, leave them on your front porch and then FaceTime or Zoom with you on how to use them correctly.  The entire time you are in your house and I am in my car. Products arrive clean, sanitary and sanitary to your porch.

Ready to schedule some fun? It's FREE! and I would love to share them with you. No questions asked. Simply text me directly under contact number below or click the schedule for yourself button just below.

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